SMART Repairs

Scuffing or denting your car can be a real pain. You saved up for ages to buy your pride and joy and have driven carefully to build up your No Claim Discount. Now you’re going to have to shell out a big chunk of money to fix the damage or make a claim on your insurance. Or are you?

In the last 10 years the SMART repair industry has taken off. SMART stands for Small Medium Area Repair Technique. It has reduced the need to always visit a traditional body shop for repairs.

SMART repairs can rectify a range of problems including small dents, bumper scuffs, scratches and kerbed alloy wheels.

The benefits of SMART repairs are that they are usually cheaper than going to a body shop, because only a small area has to be repaired. There’s no need to pay for the whole side of your car’s body panels to be painted because of a dent in your door or a scratched bumper. The picture shows the before, during and after of a bumper scuff being repaired.

They are also usually quick, so there’s hardly any inconvenience. SMART repairs are usually completed on the same day as they’re started – we can keep you mobile with a courtesy car whilst the work is carried out.

If you have some minor damage and you’d like an estimate, please speak with our Aftersales team on 01444 452 621.


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