• Regular servicing will maintain your car's overall performance and optimise fuel efficiency. It will also help to keep it running well throughout its life.

    Another advantage of regular servicing is protecting the re-sale value of your car - would you rather buy a car with a service history or one without?

    Our factory-trained technicians have the knowledge, skills and equipment to look after whichever Suzuki you drive and we carry a wide selection of Suzuki parts on site.

  • From: £99.00

    Our fixed price service scheme is intended for vehicles over 3 years old, to help cut down the overall cost of motoring.

    Each service has been designed to keep your vehicle in the best of health whilst being as cost effective as possible. The scheme is for all makes and models with engines up to 2500 c.c.

    We offer three levels of service and we are happy to discuss which may be the most appropriate for you.


  • The MOT test was set up way back in 1960, and is a legal requirement. If your car needs one and doesn’t have it, you face a £1000 penalty, as well as being unable to renew your road tax and almost certainly invalidating your car insurance, which risks a further 6-8 penalty points and, in turn, invalidates any claims.

    These are the most important facts you should know:

    It’s necessary on a vehicle’s third birthday, then annually.

    The test’s purpose is to check a car’s safety and roadworthiness, in particular its brakes and emissions.

  • We have a fully-stocked Suzuki parts department – whether you are replacing a part or personalising your Suzuki, Suzuki genuine parts and accessories are engineered to exact product quality standards. That’s peace of mind.

    Our Suzuki trained technicians have the latest tools and equipment at their disposal to ensure they obtain the right part for the job, and that it will be fitted correctly.

  • When you think about it, your tyres are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road. That’s why it’s vitally important that you select the right tyre type for the vehicle you are driving and for the purpose it is being used.

    We believe that motorists should get in to a habit of checking all four tyres every two weeks for correct tyre pressure, tread wear and general condition; and if you have one, don’t forget to check the spare tyre too.

    Winter Tyres

  • Over two thirds of all vehicles manufactured today come with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard.

    Just like other parts of your car, the air-conditioning system is in a hostile environment, being exposed to heat and vibration from the engine, all of which can contribute to poor efficiency and possibly failure.

  • Price: £36.00

    While regular servicing will help ensure that your engine always operates at its peak performance, there are sometimes signs that indicate an issue needs investigating.

    You may notice rough idling; stalling, knocking, or ‘pinking’ while accelerating; a decrease in fuel economy; or a loss of power during acceleration – all signs of a potential problem.  

    Your vehicle's on-board diagnostics system will detect an issue, illuminate a warning light and store the corresponding fault code, which can be accessed by us using our state-of-the-art diagnostic computer.

  • Rust can be a real problem as cars get older - part of the MOT is to check that your car is free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas.

    If rust is identified, our workshop and technicians are fully equiped for any welding job at the competative rate of just £60 +VAT per hour.

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